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The Flexcrevator team will present in Cape Town, South Africa at FSM5! Find us at the following presentations:

TUESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2019 (14:30–16:00) Auditorium

The Flexcrevator: Development and Field Testing of Mechanized Pit Emptying with Trash Exclusion

Giovanna Portiolli, Tate W. Rogers, Walter Beckwith, Jocelyn Tsai, Dr. Nicola Greene, Payan Oye-Moi, Noel Wilson, Dr. Charlie Sellers, Dr. Francis L. de los Reyes III

WEDNESDAY, 20 FEBRUARY 2019 (11:30–13:00) Meeting Room 2.4.1

Is There a Business Case for Mechanical Pit Latrine Emptying Machines?
Dr. Nicola Greene, Tate W. Rogers, Jocelyn Tsai, Dr. Francis L. de los Reyes III